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ID: 590053

Mark Twain Riverfront Park, Elmira, NY

Chemung County

Owner Reference: RFB -244, HUNT 1545-107

Past bid date

Trades: General Engineering Contractor GEC

Licenses: A, E100, CO-01

The Project consists of the Renovation of the existing public park space known as Mark Twain Riverfront Park in downtown Elmira on West Water Street between Carl Proper Drive and North Main Street. The proposed improvements will be on land owned by the City between Water Street and the Existing Flood Wall. Project site improvements include the replacement of the existing fountain with a water plaza, new park furniture, adjusted grading to improve storm water drainage, improved planting areas, replacement of existing paver paths with concrete walkways, a concrete path along the flood wall and custom pattern concrete entrance path. The project site consists of approximately 1.0 acre of development space that will maintain its current function and intent. MBE goal is 15% and WBE goal is 15%. Bonds and prevailing wages

James C Peckham
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Published 06/11/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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