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ID: 630000

Portland Cement Concrete Removal & Repaving, Rutherford County, TN

Rutherford County

Owner Reference: CNW232 / STP-7500(31)

Past bid date

Trades: Portland Cement Concrete, Highway, Road Improvement, Parking Lot Pavement Construction/Repair: Resurfacing or Chip Seal - General Engineering Contractor, General Engineering Contractor GEC

Licenses: CO-08, C32, CO-18, A, E100, CO-01, CG, RG, A

Project description: The removal of Portland Cement Concrete and repaving on S.R. 266 at the intersections of Weakley Lane (L.M. 4.76) and S.R. 102 (Nissan Drive/Jefferson Pike) (L.M. 5.01), and on S.R. 102 at Enon Springs Road (L.M. 11.49) in Rutherford County. Project Length - 0.310 miles. Completion Time - On or before 10/31/2022. Each prospective bidder and subcontractor will be required to file the “Prequalification Questionnaire” form provided on the Construction Division’s website at least 14 days prior to the date of bid opening. DBE goal 7%. WBE goal 6.9%. MBE goal 15.8%. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Headquarters Construction Office
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Published 05/25/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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