Taxiway W Rehabilitation, Mesa, AZ

Maricopa County

Owner Reference: 2024-012

Past bid date

Pre-Bid: 05/14/2024 @ 11:00am

Trades: Class A - *General Engineering Contractor GEC; Subcontractor Opportunities

The Sponsor of this project is the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport Authority. The intent of the Taxiway W Rehabilitation project is to address the existing pavement distresses and failing pavement areas that were identified as part of previous inspections. To mitigate the existing issues identified, it has been determined that portions of the existing Taxiway W pavements (a section at the south end of the taxiway, and a smaller section located near the Taxiway V intersection) will require full PCC panel replacements, and localized spall/patch/crack distresses will also be rehabilitated per the appropriate methodology, throughout Taxiway W, as shown in the Project Plans and details. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Bob Draper
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Owner: Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport AZ

Published 05/11/2024 on Construction Bid Source

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