Avondale Boulevard Well Transmission Main, Avondale, AZ

Maricopa County

Owner Reference: 24-080

Past bid date

Pre-Bid: 05/08/2024 @ 10:30am

Trades: Class A - *General Engineering Contractor GEC; Subcontractor Opportunities, Class B - *General Building Contractor GBC: Building Construction Services, Subcontractor Opportunities

The Work included in this Project consists of the installation of 349 linear feet of HDPE conduit installed by directional drill, and 3,831 linear feet with appurtenances of a new 12-inch DIP well transmission main within W Van Buren Street and Avondale Boulevard for the Boulevard Well located at the southwest corner of Avondale Boulevard and I-10 off ramp. The City is issuing this IFB to secure a qualified and licensed A General Engineering or KA Dual Engineering Contractor to perform the Work and provide Materials as more particularly described in the Specifications attached to this IFB, and incorporated herein by reference. Bidders must submit Bids encompassing the entire Project, inclusive of the related Plans, Specifications, related construction drawings and Reference Documents. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the Bid is non-responsive. Site Location: The project is located at W Van Buren Street and Avondale Boulevard, within the City of Avondale, Arizona.. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Jill Lin
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Owner: City of Avondale AZ

Published 05/11/2024 on Construction Bid Source

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