Replace Existing GE LRT-200 Tap Changer with New Reinhausen Equipment, Tucson, AZ

Pima County

Owner Reference: S052402

Past bid date

Trades: Class A - *General Engineering Contractor GEC; Subcontractor Opportunities, Class B - *General Building Contractor GBC: Building Construction Services, Subcontractor Opportunities

General Responsibilities: Replace existing GE LRT-200 tap changer with new Reinhausen equipment. 1. Provide and install a new Reinhausen Vacutap RMV-II-2000-15kV with adapter throat, Tap motion MDIII and TAPCON 250 a. Include Messko MTO Oil Level Indicator with low level contact. b. Include Messko 10 PSI Pressure Relief Device with Semaphore. c. Include Messko MTRAB 2.5 2. Forklift & Manlift 3. Crane 4. Processing Rig and Generator 5. Test Equipment 6. New Mineral Oil for RMV 7. Redline Design Drawings (Electrical) 8. Oil Storage with Berm 9. Sanitation facilities 10. Confined Space & Rescue trained technicians. 11. OSHA 30 trained technicians Scope of Work: 1. Mobilize crew and equipment to customer location in Tucson, AZ 85721 2. Perform pre-job brief to identify hazards and proper isolation, switching, and grounding by the customer's personnel. 3. Contractor to stage equipment, i.e.: forklift, work trucks, processing rig, etc. 4. Perform pre-testing in as found DETC position for baseline. i. TTR (in all OLTC taps) ii. Winding Resistance (in all OLTC taps) iii. Doble PF Overall iv. Doble Excitation (in all OLTC taps) v. Insulation Resistance (Megger) i. Main and Core ii. Oil Analysis (Quality and DGA) 5. Perform inspection of unit 6. Drain Main Tank oil into RM supplied oil storage. 7. Drain LTC oil into customer supplied drums or totes. (Customer to dispose of waste oil and drums) 8. Perform an initial dew point (12 hr. minimum) measurement. Review results with the customer's representative. 9. Perform an internal inspection of the transformer and LTC leads to determine “as is” condition and to identify any potential problems or issues. Customer to provide confined space entry requirements. 10. Identify, label, and disconnect all leads at LTC board. 11. Remove existing LTC from main tank (Customer to dispose of LTC mechanism, compartment, etc.) 12. Install new RMV-II to main tank. 13. Make lead extension connections from windings to LTC board as necessary. Install any supports, clamps, spacers as necessary to maintain clearance. 14. Wrap connections and verify clearances for required voltage level. 15. Re-gasket all manholes accessed during project. 16. Seal unit and pressure test for leaks 17. Removal or relocation of existing control cabinet will not be required. Existing conduit and wiring to be used where possible. New wire and flex conduit to be ran where required. Customer will be required to relocate any conduits and wiring going to and from the control house. 18. Install MDIII and wire accordingly. 19. Perform testing prior to oil filling: a. TTR to verify connections. b. Crossed PA/Continuity test c. Monitoring system operation (tripping test) d. Electrical limit verification e. Mechanical limit operation f. Contact engagement. 20. Perform dew point test to determine dryness of insulation. 21. Perform final vacuum and oil filling: a. Vacuum 24hrs at 1Torr or less b. Perform vacuum leak test. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Ted Nasser
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Owner: University of Arizona (UofA) AZ

Published 05/11/2024 on Construction Bid Source

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