Centennial Park Fencing, Somerton, AZ

Yuma County

Owner Reference: 2024-003

Past bid date

Pre-Bid: 05/16/2024 @ 10:00am

Trades: Fencing Contractor: Residential & Light Commercial Fences, Class A - *General Engineering Contractor GEC; Subcontractor Opportunities

The City of Somerton is accepting proposals for a wrought iron fence at Centennial Park as stated in this RFP and posted on our website: https://www.somertonaz.gov. The City of Somerton invites qualified companies to submit proposals to provide fencing cost estimates for the Centennial Park. The city seeks a company with fencing installation experience and experience working with public municipal agencies. The Request for Proposal is to include cost estimates to include, but not limited to the following: • Approximately 350 feet of wrought iron fencing. Prefer galvanized steel core with black PVC coating. (Exhibit B) • Plans to include four 6-foot wide by 6-foot-tall gates with locking capabilities. • Gates must have a full 90-degree swing. • One 20-foot-wide gate (or two 10-foot dual swing gates) 6-feet tall. • Installation of the fencing and gates. (Exhibit A) • Project shall comply with all American with Disabilities Act standards. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

James Jones
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Owner: City of Somerton AZ

Published 05/11/2024 on Construction Bid Source

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