What Our Customers Are Saying..

"Placing ads is now soooo easy for me without having to re-type in my company and credit card information every time!"

-- George Reed

"Our office staff loves what you do and the time you save them. Thank you for appearing with me before the compliance officers to verify the Good Faith Effort you did. YES! We got that $41 Million contract! We'll use you over and over."

-- J. Mcloughlin Engineering Co.

"We have been awarded two of the three contracts you did GFE's for. The Low Bidder was "non-compliant", so we were second and GOT THE CONTRACTS. One was for $42 Million and the other was $38 Million. Your GFE's passed some intense scrutiny."

-- W. A. Rasic

"Your site makes my Good Faith Efforts sinfully easy! I love the fact that I can be in the middle of something – go off to do something else, and then come back and be able to take right up where I left off."

-- Diede Construction

"Thank you for all your work! You saved our contract with your attention to detail on the Good Faith Effort you did on that $12.5 Million job. It was thoroughly scrutinized and passed muster! I’m so glad we found you to do this for us. You do such a wonderful job and it makes my job that much easier knowing we got that $12 Million Dollar Contract, because of your work!"

-- HPS Mechanical

"I love the site! I've gotten contracts from it and appreciate the personal customer attention you give your clients."

-- Minos Painting

"We bid a lot! Thank you for taking the Good Faith Efforts off our hands. We know what a lot of work they can be, and we appreciate what you do. Thank you for doing this one on such a short time-frame."

-- Blois Construction

"Please "do your magic" with another Good Faith Effort for us. Here is the info."

-- J L Bray and Son

"Thank you for being able to speak to a real person when we need help."

-- Timberworks

"We bid a lot, and being able to place many ads on your site with an ads membership is a great help and saves us lots of time."

-- S W Allen

"You just saved us a lot of wasted time and money by checking on and confirming the requirements for this contract. We'll be sure to send you all the work we can!"

-- Argus Contracting

"I really love your service. It's the best tool I have for my business."

-- Dan Crown - Southwest General

"Thank you so much you have taken so much off my hands! You've been a great help."

-- Nielsen Fire Protection

"Thank you. Good Work."

-- Tidwell Concrete Construction

"I have retired, so will not be renewing - but THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT SERVICE!"

-- Bakersfield Electric Co.

"Oh My God! I don’t know what we would have done without you. Thanks so much for all your work!"

-- Whitson Contracting & Management

"Good Job!"

-- 4-Con Engineering

"We got two contracts and your GFE’s were fine. Thanks!"

-- Conco-West Engineering

"You really pulled the rabbit out of the hat for us. We got the contract. Thank YOU!"

-- America West Landscape

"Thank you for taking care of so many things for me. It's nice to know I can depend on you."

-- Diamond Painting

"Thank you very much for the call and sending this summary! It was extremely helpful and and much appreciated. We're excited to begin using your service."

-- Stellar Communications

"I am absolutely thrilled that I found Construction Bid Source. Your knowledge, resources and services are awesome. Its streamlined and extremely helpful. It really made my day because it is a “one stop shop” – LOL, and you go above and beyond."

-- American Bridge Company (Southland Holdings, LLC)