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Annual Contract: Corporate Park Landscaping Mowing Maintenance, Davidson County, NC

Davidson County

Owner Reference: 2402005

Bid Date: 02/20/2024 at 03:00pm

Pre-Bid: 02/14/2024
A MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE: For all prospective offerors is scheduled for February 14, 2024 at 2 pm at the Support Services Department address is above. Attendance at this conference is a prerequisite for consideration of an offeror's proposal. Site visit will immediately follow the Pre-Bid Conference.

Trades: *Landscaping Contractor: Groundskeeping/Grounds Maintenance Grubbing Fertilizing Mowing Rooting Mulch Hardscaping Rockscaping

3.1 Goals The aesthetic look is to be natural, shrubs to be pruned lightly to create natural sweeps, layers. Prune to form sweeps of color and texture, do not prune each individual shrub into rounds spheres. Maximize the potential for healthy plant material, longevity and aesthetic appeal. 3.2 General Description of Work Include materials (shrub fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and pre and post emergent herbicide/turf seed, fertilizer insecticide and pre and post emergent herbicide), labor and supervision to perform the following maintenance work: A. All pesticides shall be applied under the supervision of a licensed applicator in accordance with all state and federal regulations. B. Due to the sporadic nature of turf disease, fungicides are not included in this contract. Upon occurrence the owner shall be notified and treatment shall be done at owner’s discretion. This service may be billed as a change order (form attached). C. Maintenance contractor cannot be responsible for plants dying do to excessive water or lack of water. 3.3 Lawn Area, Mowing A. The lawns are per Exhibit (yellow areas) to be mowed on a weekly basis, from April 1st to November 1 st of every year, and as required the rest of the year to provide a neat and uniformly finished lawn. The grass to be maintained at a height of no lower than three (3-inches) inches. B. The Lawn Areas on slopes and berms (green areas) to be mowed on a monthly basis from April 1st to November 1st of every year. The grass to be maintained at a height of no lower than six (6-inches) inches. C. All areas inaccessible to mowers will be trimmed using a string trimmer. Al trimming will be at the same height of cut as the mowers. D. Grass clippings shall be blown or swept off paved surfaces after mowing is complete. 3.4 Lawn Area, Maintenance A. The entire lawn area to have three (3) applications of an IBDU fertilizer containing at least 45% slow release nitrogen. Total nitrogen applied for the year between 3 & 4 lbs./1,000 square feet. Contractor shall provide empty bags upon request to verify proper product is used. B. The lawn areas to have a pre-emergent herbicide applied twice per year. Post-emergent herbicide to be board-cast twice per year for entire property and spot sprayed thereafter to control weeds. C. Entire lawn area to be triple aerified in early fall using a hollow time coring device. Aeration holes must be within 2-inch distance of each other. D. All bare spots larger than one square foot to be prepared, seeded and mulched. All seeding to be performed in conjunction with fertilization and aeration. E. Turf type fall fescue blend of at least 3 varieties will be over-seeded yearly at a rate of 5 pounds seed/1,000 square feet. The seed cannot contain any noxious weeds. Contractor to confirm the proper product is used will provide seed tags from bags. F. Based on the recommendations of a soil test (taken in February of every year) lime will be added at the recommended rate in July. 3.5 Trash Policy A. The entire site shall be policed on every visit for trash and debris. B. Trash will be removed from the site. C. Under no circumstances shall trash be mowed and left within any of the lawn areas. 3.6 Plant Beds A. All beds shall be treated with a pre-emergent herbicide applied for controls of weeds in late February of every year. B. All plant beds shall be sprayed or weeded by hand to maintain them free of weeds on each visit. C. All bed edges shall be trenched as needed to maintain a depth of at least 2.5 inches prior to remulching to maintain a well-defined edge. D. all beds shall be replenished with designer brown mulch twice per year and every year. This shall happen in the spring no later than June 21st of every year and always during the third week of October just before the annual BBQ Festival of every year. E. All edges shall be tucked neatly to provide a neat appearance. F. Plant material should be free of stray mulch after re-mulching is complete. G. Mulch should be tucked under shrubs up to the trunk to completely mulch the bed. 3.7 Shrubs and small trees (trees 4-inches caliber or less) A. All shrubs and small trees shall be pruned selectively to encourage growth, to remove dead material, and to provide a uniform shape. This should be performed through the sole use of hand prunners on all shrubs. Special permission for the use of shearing devices is required following a sound horticultural explanation by the contractor. On small trees, handsaws only are permitted when climbing up or removing branches (over 2-inches). When using the handsaw, the triple cut method must be used so as to prevent bark tearing. The final cut is to occur just outside the branch collar to promote the proper healing of the cut. B. In most cases where shrubs are planted in rows the intent is to permit them to grow together and create “sweeps”. In all cases of pruning/hedging, round rather than square off to encourage growth and a uniform appearance. No flat tops. Shrubs are to be pruned evenly, to grow together rather than individually or lopsided in height from one edge to the other. C. Nellie Stevens Holly are to remain full to the ground. Do not limb up or severely prune these trees at any time. The shape is to be tapered like a Christmas tree. D. All pruning devices should be maintained with sharp blades so as to provide clean cuts. E. Remove all dead plant material (in part or in whole as needed). i. Note: Advise owner when whole plants must be removed. F. All shrubs and small trees shall be fertilized as required with a slow release fertilizer. Types and rates of application vary according to plant requirements. G. All shrubs and small trees shall be sprayed for disease and insect control throughout the year, to allow minimal damage by any pest In accordance with threshold levels of the customer, all practices of Integrated Pest Management shall be observed. H. All ornamental grasses should be cut back no lower than 18-inches in late February or early March of every year. I. All plants should be scouted on each visit for disease or insects and plants will be sprayed as stated above. J. If any plant material is damaged through improper materials or methods the Landscape Contractor shall be responsible to replace at their cost the material with the same variety and size was damaged. 3.8 Perennial Plantings A. All perennials should be deadheaded to promote additional flowing on each visit. Cut back dead stems to the ground in the fall of every year, after the first frost. B. All Ornamental Grasses to be cut back to 6 inches high during February each year. 3.9 Irrigation A. Contractor shall review the controller set up on the 1st day of each month from April through October of every year. Make any necessary adjustments to the programs and times for the individual zones. i. The Evapo-transpiration rates for the time of the year and modify the times accordingly. B. The contractor shall turn on the irrigation system in the spring, monitor it through the growing season and winterize it during cold months of every year. Contractor shall make minor adjustments as needed. Major adjustments and/or repairs may be billed at a separate price. 3.9 Low Voltage Lighting (Accent) A. Check all fixtures monthly for proper operation and replacement of light bulbs as necessary. Notify the owner of any fixtures that are not operating properly. B. Replacement bulbs will be billed separately as required. Review with the owner the specifications for type of bubs to be used. 3.10 Areas Affected A. Egger Parkway both sides, down to and including the cul-de-sac i. From the curb to the top edge of the slope B. The I-85 Corporate Center sign and all areas around it C. Center of the traffic circle D. All four corners of the intersection i. Belmont Road, ii. Egger Parkway, iii. Clyde Fitzgerald Road Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

County of Davidson NC
 Dwayne Childress, Support Services Director

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