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*Subcontractor Opportunities* Orange Coast College Removal/Replacement Damaged Drywall, Tile & Other Finishes, Costa Mesa, CA

Orange County

Owner Reference: 2197

Bid Date: 04/18/2024 at 02:00pm

Pre-Bid: 04/05/2024
Mandatory: In front of Literature & Language Building, 2701 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Estimate: $199,150

Trades: Class B - *General Building Contractor GBC: Building Construction Services, Subcontractor Opportunities

Removal and replacement of drywall, ceiling tile, flooring and other damaged finishes on the Literature & Languages, Social & Behavioral Sciences building. Remove and protect any fixtures or window treatments on or adjacent to the damaged drywall; Remove damaged drywall. Exploratory inspection to determine if additional drywall not indicated in the construction documents is required to be removed; Remove damaged insulation and replace; Tape, mud, float, sand, prepare, clean, and paint all repair areas; Remove and replace damaged sealant and backer rods at window systems, including adjacent areas where drywall requires replacement. Areas include the jamb, sill, and head; Remove and replace damaged carpet, including any underlayment and baseboards; Removal, protection, and reinstallation of casework and fixed furniture in order to access, remove and replace any damaged drywall, flooring, or ceiling; All materials and finishes to match existing; All disposal of material is contractor’s responsibility including but not limited to renting of equipment, haul-off, and associated dumping fees; Install back-up material as required; Contractor responsible for procuring replacement materials, match existing finishes; Provide masking of all existing doors, windows, railings, signs, electrical devices, etc. not scheduled to be painted; Provide caution tape, detour signage and other safety measures to allow access to building interiors for use during construction. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Coast Community College District (CCCD) CA
 John Eriksen
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Published 04/11/2024 on Construction Bid Source

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